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While living in Ajijic, Visit Mexico, a great Destination is Oaxaca.

Distance From Ajijic: 1 hour by plane, do not drive it is too far.
Recommended visit length: 1 week Budget: $50-$250 USD / Day / Person. Flight tickets included

Places to visit in Oaxaca
  • Montealban Arqueological site
  • Downtown Oaxaca is all declared UNESCO world heritage site
  • Santo Domingo Museum
  • Main Plaza
  • Tule Tree, widest in the world
  • Black Pottery in San Bartolo (Doņa Rosa)
  • Alebrijes in San Martin
  • Mitla Arqueological site
  • Ocotlan and Oaxacas Markets

    • Oaxaca has been inhabitted for the last 10,000 years, huge civilizations like Mixtecas and Zapotecas left deep roots in todays modern Oaxaca. The mix of cultures with the arrival or spaniards made incredible places like Mitla where Zapotec buildings where still inhabitted by locals until late 20th century. Oaxaca is a place you have to visit at least once in life.

      All downtown is in pristine condition and is considered a World Heritage site, hotel prices are very acceptable (will recommend small hotels in downtown), taxis take you arround for 2 dollars / ride and restaurants prepare all mexican and international food, black mole is a must (Chicken or meat in cocoa / nut sauce ) for a great value/quality combination.
      • Textiles (hand made with natural cochinilla and other locally produced colors).
      • Gold: Monte alban style gold is really beatiful (most are reproductions from real pieces you can see at Santo Domingo Museum)if you like exotic (and expensive) jewlery.
      • Pottery: Black Pottery is world's exlusive production site.
      • Alebrijes: Hand carved and painted represent the finest of Zapotecan culture.
      • Oaxacas Markets are huge and clean, in some towns - prehispanic, no money trade style - is still used among locals (don't worry you can ALWAYS use dollars...).

Callejoneada (music and dance in downtown Oaxaca)

Inside Santo Domigo Church

Montealban Arqueological site, 10 minutes Away from Downtown.

Montealban from a different view.

Girls Dancing in front of Main Plaza oaxaca mexico

Inside one of the patios of Santo Domingo Museum
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