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Compare Homicide Rates:
Chicago 15.6 Washington DC 23.8 Dallas, TX 13.61 Mexico Average 10.6 Jalisco 5.4
Please keep reading and see the real numbers, you can confirm it in the web.
Contrary to the common idea that Mexico is in "War against crime", average Homicide rate in Mexico is much lower that many areas in other parts of the world, such as: Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Etc. In Fact the index for Jalisco state was 5.4 during 2009, below U.S. National average of 5.6.

In this graph you can see the states of Mexico you should avoid (black or dark red), it's easy, avoid Ciudad Juarez! (Chihuahua State in black).
In this graph you can see the national and state average for Mexico, easy to locate Jalisco (were we are located) well below the national average. The dangerous areas in Mexico are those close to the U.S. Border, U.S demand for drugs keeps these areas problematic.
In this last image you can compare Jalisco with different parts of the world and world average, Jalisco is below world average.
As a conclusion, Most part of Mexico is safe, there are certain cities and areas (specially border with the U.S.) you should avoid. Otherwise be smart and like everywhere else don't count money in public, do not wear very fancy (big gold) jewelry and enjoy your stay.
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