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Mexico information - Visitors guide
What you will find in Ajijic/San Antonio:
  • Abundant Bass fishing (but unknown to most)
  • No All Inclusive Resorts
  • Many small owners operated restaurants of many nationalities
  • No time shares
  • Almost anyone will be friendly and will understand English, but not everyone will be able to answer back in English
  • Narrow Cobblestone Streets
  • No Wild Night Life - Some Bars
  • Cultural and community events and organizations
  • Uneven Side Walks
  • No Snow, No Snow Skiing or Snow Sports, actually no cold under 40ºF day or night
  • Not A Spring Break Destination
  • Not a Cruise Line Port-of-Call, no fancy diamond stores
  • Some franchises in the area(Subway, black coffee, Autozone ...)
  • Church bells in town
  • No Beach or ocean, this is a Lake, so use nice, new lakewalks.
  • No Four Seasons (Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring) Just ‘Eternal Spring’
  • Lake Chapala has a Walmart
  • Live in Mexico With Mexicans (but also a lot of ex-pats)
What clothing, shoes, etc should I pack? Casual is the dress code in Lake Chapala, no need to dress up unless you want to. Pack shorts for the day and casual pants or dresses for the evenings. Short sleeves in the day, light sweaters at night will keep you comfortable. If you are visiting in the summer, bring an umbrella.
If you plan to attend cultural events (at Auditorio del Lago or Lakeside little theatrer) a nice dress will be fine for ladies.

A must bring are comfortable walking shoes with good support for walking on the cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks.
Sun screen, hats and sunglasses are a must to bring. Ajijic / San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico's altitude are a mile high at 5,200 feet elevation. That means the sun is intense but the temperature is mild. Don't let the mild weather fool you. Protect yourself from the sun to avoid a nasty sunburn.
What about money? Many Ajijic restaurants and large supermarkets accept credit cards now. Small shops will not take plastic.

There are ATM machines everywhere. They are in the grocery stores, in the farmacia's (drug stores) and of course at the banks. In addition to Automatic Teller Machines, you can exchange your dollars for pesos at the Casa de Cambio's, a place to exchange money where you will get a good exchange rate. If you are carrying traveler checks they can be cashed at most banks. Or you can pay with your American dollars, they will accept that everywhere you go to eat or buy something, but you won’t get the best exchange rates..

But the best advice is to exchange some dollars for pesos a soon as you arrive (there is money exchange at the airport or use any bank) and as often as you need to during your visit. You may want to get pesos for your taxicab ride to Lake Chapala and for the first couple of days on your Ajijic stay. Foreign checks are not an accepted form of payment.
What about water? Water for human use at La Mision Ajijic comes from municipality, water for the garden comes from our own well and is not tested for human use.
Water at La Mision San Antonio comes from municipality.

Mexican Norm forces local water system to test water on a regular bases (other way a permanent cholera epidemic will sprout). All our pipes and water system is approved for human use.

If you prefer bottled water (tastes better), we have five gallon bottles delivered to your apartment at US$2 each.

You will find bottled water in all restaurants and stores in Mexico.
What about food? You can feel comfortable eating at any of the established Lake Chapala restaurants. The café's and dining establishments are very aware of the importance of serving food that is properly prepared and cooked. News travel fast, if a customer gets ill from eating at a particular restaurant, that may be the end of a good business.

As tested by the "SSA" (Mexico's health department) the problem is mainly with open container sauces, they are getting dust all day, so avoid them, most cooked food will be safe to eat.
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