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Mexico information - About Ajijic (pronounced AH-He-Heek) and San Antonio
Forget about frigid winter or humid summer, enjoy spring all year long!

Things to do in this Area (Ajijijc and San Antonio)
  • Ride a boat / BASS lake fishing (abundant and well kept secret)
  • Hike: From flat begginer trails to 50 mile mountain hikes
  • Little Theater - US style
  • Bird Watching
  • Shopping
  • Music Concerts (Auditorio del Lago)
  • Golf, Tennis, Aerobics, Yoga
  • Bridge and Garden Clubs
  • International Cuisine
  • Local Festivals and Markets
  • Spanish Lessons

    • Ajijic and San Antonio are nearby lake-front villages that offer the unparalleled experience of life in a quaint Mexican village ... with all the services and amenities of a nearby city, 6 million + Guadalajara.

      Lake Chapala Weather - Rated by National Geographic as the 2nd Best Climate in the World, the semi-tropical climate in Lake Chapala, Mexico, is probably the first major attraction to the area.

      But Jalisco's state IDH, 0.842 (Human Development Index made by UN) is among the highest's in México, and comparable with countries like United Kingdom 0.849, that's another reason why many expats like this place to live in.

      “Snowbirds” from all over Canada and Northern U.S. Come to escape the cold winters and “Sunbirds” from the Sunbelt States (the Lakeside area is only 600 miles from Texas - 965.6 km) come for the summer months to get away from the heat and humidity of places such as Florida, Missoury, Arizona, Texas and parts of California. And, of course, people come from many other places all over the world.

      It is highly recommended to rent at least one full season before you buy a house, adapting to Mexican culture can take a while.

      Clearly this near-perfect lake chapala weather is a major factor in why it has one of the largest population of Americans and Canadians outside Canada or the U.S., as well as many Europeans—people from thirty-one nations enjoy the beauty along the shores of Lake Chapala. The Lakeside area has become a retirement haven for people from all over the world who come to enjoy the warm days and cool nights along the shores of our beautiful lake. And, people seem to feel better here, because active lifestyles are a direct result of our beautiful weather, and the motto “Live Younger Longer” clearly is strongly endorsed.
      No air-conditioning, no heating, almost no humidity allows you to live an outdoor life here where your garden is like a private park, just for you. Crimson sunrises and golden sunsets serve to heighten enjoyment of each majestic day. A wonderful laid back life to enjoy. Most Services will be easy to access and bilingual (English - Spanish). Though you will find Mexpats in every village, the majority live in the various subdivisions between Chapala and Ajijic (San Antonio is in the middle). Some say this area has a micro-climate and that the article by National Geographic rating the area as the "2nd Best Climate in the World" actually refers to this particular stretch of the Lakeside.

      A large community of foreign residents enjoy life Ajijic and San Antonio including an estimated 20,000 U.S. citizens and Canadians.

      About Chapala Lake - Ajijic - San Antonio Weather,

      From Wiki Answers:

      What place has the best weather in the world?
      In: Travel and Places

      Lake Chapala and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico averages 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round and about 350 days of extremely sunny days. Even in the hottest days of the year it the temperature rarely hits 100 and you still get the cooling breezes off of the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. The best weather in world is in Lake Chapala, it is at 1,000 meters above the sea (3000 feet), it is a lake of 1000 Square kilometers surrounded by mountains, this creates a micro climate that feels like spring all year.

      Festivities in Mexico

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